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Legacy in Action: The Roberto Clemente Foundation's Impact on a Nation

The Roberto Clemente Foundation was greeted by the Mayor and other government officials of Adjuntas as a sign of appreciation for their efforts in the region.  In a week filled with compassion, community engagement, and a dedication to empowering the lives of others, the Roberto Clemente Foundation left their mark through a series of impactful initiatives in Puerto Rico.  The true essence of the Foundation's mission was magnified in the moments spent with local communities and schools, and the culmination of these efforts was marked by the highly successful Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament. In total, these events and initiatives by the Roberto Clemente Foundation assisted in reaching over 2,000 people across Puerto Rico. Luis Clemente and Frank Dardis speak to a group of young players at a clinic in Fajardo. School Visits and Educational Outreach: Emphasizing their commitment to youth development, the Foundation was led all over the island by Founder, Co-Chair, and middle son of Ro

Annual Clemente Foundation Celebrity Golf Tournament Raises Funds to Continue Efforts

In a week filled with compassionate community initiatives assisting the homeless, elderly, veterans, and youth of Puerto Rico, the Roberto Clemente Foundation concluded its efforts with the highly successful Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament at the Coco Beach Golf Resort on Friday. The event raised essential funds to support the Foundation's ongoing initiatives.  Founder, co-chair, and middle son of Roberto and Vera Clemente, Luis Clemente led the event.  An abundance of fresh foods and refreshments were available at each hole for golfers to enjoy throughout the day. Pictured above are Luis Clemente and Foundation President Tom Brasuell at one of the tents.  The day began bright and early, with teams registering while gearing up in special apparel. A golf bag, shirts, hats, lanyards, drinking glasses, food, and beverages were all provided compliments of the Foundation.  L → R: Roberto Clemente Foundation Board Member Michael Smalls with his team; Luis Clemente and Tom Brasuell with

The Roberto Clemente Foundation: Nourishing Hope for Puerto Rico

Roberto Clemente Foundation Joins Luz Del Munro in Serving Puerto Rico's Vulnerable Communities  In a powerful collaboration, the Luz Del Munro Foundation, led by Pastor Mariano, received crucial support from the Roberto Clemente Foundation in its mission to uplift Puerto Rico's most vulnerable. Last Thursday, the combined efforts resulted in the distribution of 720 hot meals, exemplifying their commitment to providing for the elderly, disabled, and veterans.  The Luz Del Munro Foundation, in partnership with the Roberto Clemente Foundation, is a non-profit organization led by Pastor Mariano. Committed to serving Puerto Rico's vulnerable communities, their focus on providing essential services reflects a dedication to creating a positive impact through collaborative outreach programs. A New Dimension of Care  Adding an extra layer of care to their services, Luz Del Munro inaugurated a Barber Shop within the Centro de Ayuda Social, with the Roberto Clemente Foundation on-han

Roberto Clemente Foundation Continues Week of Community Impact in Puerto Rico

Building on the success of Monday's youth clinic, the Roberto Clemente Foundation continued their efforts and continued their week filled with impactful activities all across Puerto Rico.  The Roberto Clemente Foundation started the week with a clinic for the youth of San Felipe and Salinas Puerto Rico on Monday, December 4th. The clinic saw over 300 children and spectators of all ages playing baseball with nearly a dozen former pros, members of the Clemente Foundation, and even a few of the Field of Dreams Ghost Players.  Photos contributed by Jake Kosack & Francesco Palumbo Former pros included active Atlanta Braves pitcher Joe Jimenez, Ellie Rodriguez, Orlando Sales, Irving Falu, Mario Diaz, Quinton Holmes, Eddie Vargas, Eddie Rodriguez, and Tony Graffanino. On Tuesday, Luis Clemente, the Foundation, and several former Major Leaguers including Angel Miranda, Eddie Vargas and Quinton Holmes, visited schools in the Adjuntas area, distributing non-perishable food and engaging w